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Artist: Next f/ 50 Cent
Album: Jerk 12"
Song: Jerk

[50 Cent]
Next and 50
Next and 50
Next and 50
Next and 50

Yo, yo my imagination is more vivid than life
Playboy November issue page three was my wife
I ain't never had a problem with going for dough
I did a Jordan in the box I grew it myself
I go up and down like a merry go round
Visions of some...splash
I touch on myself when ain't no shorties to touch me
After this joint half the hood gon' want to fuck me

I can imagine you're here
In your Vicky panties and brassier yeah
It's like your sexy moans I hear
Got a player gettin' wet down there, I swear
I close my eyes and when you appear
Me on top you on top even from the rear yeah
Call in sick to work
Can't get worse, damn I'm a jerk

1 - [Next]
I'm all alone and I'm trippin' my girl
I keep on missin
Got me fiendin' for the kitten
I call but she don't listen
I make the decision to handle my own business
Back and forth with the rhythm
Till I make the jizm
I'm a jerk

I e-mailed you, tried the cell too
Tried to contact you
But I failed too
Pants swelled too
What should I do?
Touch myself?
When I thought about you

[50 Cent]
Yo, yo at the end of the road
Home sick than being sick of home
I'd rather have a short to help me
Then do it on my own
Check me out I'd rather beat my own dick than trick
That's a quote from BIG I take it back ya dig?
I play the block to get my work off
D's come I murk off
Do a bid for rape fuck that I'd rather jerk off
Listen time's money so I'm only into quickies
I'm not a pretty boy so I ain't never been picky
I make it real easy for you to bop to this
Man I pop the Cris and I rock the wrist
New CL 500 I'mma cop this shit
It only come hard top so I'mma chop this shit
Ballers they don't chase chicks they chase chips
Champagne you take sips they guzzle the shit
Only a selected few can rock to this
Kaygee, 50 Cent, Next, ya stoppin' this?

Repeat 1 (2x)

Loving me like me
Especially when wife be acting funny
Cause it don't need for no money
And it can be so lovely
Take your hand and aim to please
Don't drip a drip on your Dungarees
Take a towel and cover your jeans
Move it back and forth till you see babies

Repeat 1 (2x)

I'm a jerk, if your a jerk
How do it work?
Show me how you move it back and forth now baby
For the guys and the girls
Move it all around now work, oh yeah

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