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Artist: G-Unit
Album: Beg for Mercy
Song: My Buddy

[Intro - soundclips from "Scarface"]

[Chorus - 50 Cent]
My buddy, my buddy
Wherever I go, he go
My buddy, my buddy
You can run for your life, I'ma stick him out the window
My buddy, my buddy
I'll lay ya ass out, motherfucker, it's simple
Stay in your place I recommend
Or say hello to my little friend

[Lloyd Banks]
Everywhere I go, I gotta tag along
Cause my bud's getting strong and they mad him on
He ride with me when I pass the mall
And wait for me on the bench when I run to get my basketball
One sneeze'll make a bastard fall, gasp and crawl
You need a bulletproof vest, mask and all
Bring your buddy when it's time to roam (Why?)
Cause I got hit the last time I left mine at home
My hand bling full of platinum to shine his chrome
He even got closet space inside my home
He ain't never been broke, he glitchless
I'm so reliable, I bought him a rubber coat for Christmas
Infrared beam and a scope for distance
The best company when approacing business
He will ride with me 'til the end
We all got a friend and mine is a G-U-N


[50 Cent]
My buddy got a temper, he dying to pop off
Last time he did the cops had the block all locked off
Take him with me to hustle, stashed him in a trashcan
My fingertips off before hours I bag grams
You meet him, your destination's hell or heaven
Cause I only bring him out for that 187
He don't have a heart, I just keep feeding him shells
He get it popping in the hood, so his name rings bells
Ms. Jones stay on the 3rd floor, she called the cops on me
They came, I ran, I had to toss my other little homey
Niggas know I got new friends so they stay in their place, kid
I stay screaming on niggas and beating up baseheads
These niggas ain't thorough, they just like to pretend
Keep fucking 'round they gon' say hello to my little friend



[Young Buck]
We been though it all but yet we both still living
We been in a box but we both still spitting
And when there was beef, you even played your position
Got under the seat until we spotted our victim
At first they wouldn't listen 'til they heard you go off
Remember it was broad daylight in the middle of New York
And little did they know that we was ready for way
Bet the nigga wish he never stuck his head out the door
See whenever you come out, something happen on the block
You the reason that nigga done stopped rapping like Pac
People see you and run, and you ain't even say shit
They just know you ain't nothing to play with
You stay with sixteen homeys, and one in the hole
When the first one get out, the next one go
To know where you headed, you got to know where you been
The glock stay with me, we friends 'til the end


[Outro - "Scarface" clip, gunshots]

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