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Artist: Lloyd Banks
Album: Get Rich or Die Tryin' Soundtrack
Song: Get Low

[Lloyd Banks]
Uhh, yeah
I like the way you do that shorty
C'mere, can you do somethin for me?
I like the way you movin girl
Show me how you do that girl
I like the way you do that shorty
C'mere, can you do somethin for me?

[Chorus: Lloyd Banks]
I can't, stand here and watch her dance
She got me comin out of my pants
And I don't wanna miss my chance
To hit your phone up, if I could
And get her out of here I would
I never seen a girl move that good
And there's somethin tellin me I should
Get low

[Lloyd Banks]
I'm in the 2006, brand new wagon
Lookin for a diva to handle the dragon
And even if there's two of 'em I move in and bag 'em
Make sure I'm strapped, keep the uz' and the magnum
Yeah the gun too, I'm talkin 'bout the condom
They followin me home with my dog right behind 'em
Have you ever seen a ass clapped on a stallion
of a bad bitch, half black and Italian
I don't know if she likes me or my medallion
Think I give a fuck? I'm just tryin to get a nut
I don't need a woman to build my self-esteem up
I'm fresh out the hood, fuck it it's all good
Ma you can use me, cause I'ma use you
For a menage-a-trois, you know the usual
And if you do me maybe I'll do you
a favor and walk you outside, right


[Lloyd Banks]
Uh - nah I ain't never ate pussy before
But I'm close to the edge and she pushin me lower
The body language done got a nigga stiff as a sword
So she can't be an angel, the bitch is a fraud
Head probably sent the nigga on a trip to the morgue
Pussy good enough to drive out to Michigan for it
As soon as I hit the door she's squeezin my arm
How {?} {?} {?}
It might take a few rounds to make me get her calm
But when she does go to sleep she gon' need an alarm
Cause I'm gone - she wanna be with a Don
But I'm stuck when some woman care about me when it's on
Ain't nuttin wrong, with a little bumpin and grindin
Especially if if they got somethin behind 'em
I'm high as hell, be so drunk when I climb in
High on {?} that I'm in


[Lloyd Banks]
Shorty looks like she's datin a fashion designer
Damn - um she musta got her back from her momma
You know me, somewhere in the back with the llama
Keeps {?} with the drama
I'ma, get a little close to her, ma looks so sweet
She remind me a lot of {?} Monique
But a bird nigga try to holla they won't speak
You be writin the phone number down they won't keep
Let me get her, I haven't burned the haze all week
Givin me wop to the music that blaze on beat
Yeah, I'm so street, I'm so cheap, I'm so fly
But you already know that I
Done been all around the world, they don't know that guy
But little {?} talk to I close that eye
He just mad he ain't got the kinda clothes I buy
Or ride in the U4 I drive


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