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Artist: 50 Cent f/ Olivia
Album: Get Rich or Die Tryin' Soundtrack
Song: We Both Think Alike

[50 Cent]
Yeah, 50, Olivia
We both think alike

We both think alike, uh-oh!

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Now shorty we can party 'till the break of dawn
(We both think alike, uh-oh!)
Go 'head 'till ya tired than I'll take ya home
(We both think alike, hell yeah!)
If you invite me in I'll come take it off
(We both think alike, uh-oh!)
Than head to ya bedroom to break ya off
(We both think alike, uh-oh!)

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
I'm not gon' waste ya time talkin 'bout shit that you know
I'm so hood that even when I try to hide it, it shows
I be grindin' girl I'm focused, I be gettin' my dough
You know that If It ain't the flow, than it comes from the O's
Plus a nigga like a pimp when it comes to the hoes
Every hood, every city all the gangsta's now
Front on me, and you'll be gettin' hit up fa sho
I make it hot when it's twenty muthafuckin' below
See wit' me in VIP you can twist and blow
When the champagne finished baby, order some mo'
Keep a eye on you close while you out on the floor
Doin ya move will have a nigga's greased if it's a swole
If ya ready to roll shorty, we can just roll
When you ready to go, I'll be ready to go
See everything I do, I do on the low
So anything we do, nobody will know


[Verse 2]
Now look, I know you into the shiny things
The platinum, the chains, and the diamond rings
The twenty-four inch chrome on the range
I see you when you crouch by ya window pane
Now shorty, me and you we came up the same
The fact before rap, I ain't have a thing
I hustled, got my weight up, now I'm sittin on change
I mean I got money out the ass, maine
When niggaz get the beefin', I be laughin'
'Cause I can send my homies through to blast them
Stick 'em with the hump, or just slash 'em
"Now fool are you crazy?" Is what we ask 'em
But back to me and you shorty, decide, think
First I'll put the burnin', it's the g-string (uh-oh!)
Leave it up to me, we can do it my way (uh-oh!)
And get straight to it, skip the fore play (uh-oh!)


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