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Artist: Mobb Deep f/ 50 Cent
Album: Get Rich or Die Tryin' Soundtrack
Song: You a Shooter

[ad libs for the first 13 seconds]

[Chorus 2X: 50 Cent]
If youse a shooter then shoot nigga, I'm doin my thang
If you seen-a, my nina, you seen it go bang
Just like they do in your hood, they do it in mine mayne
I put a hole in a nigga, I ain't motherfuckin playin

You niggaz ain't nuttin but clown killers for real
I'm down with the Unit, for the Gorillas for real
Go bananas if you want, ooh ooh, you gettin peeled
Y'all shoot for the shoot, we do this for real
Clap me's a motherfucker, make more mills
Cash me a check, to cop more wheels
Shorty you a bad bitch and good-ass steel
Now, I {?} on the dillz and smeared that lip gloss
Me and P sharin bitches like we switch Porsche
My hammer navigate beef, Hummer don't get lost
Boy, that Desert Eagle have that whole shit ripped off
Yeah - we get that gwop, cause we make
Shit that pop heavy rotation, your shit flop
Won't stop 'til we get, to that top
If the gun too far then you will get oxed
Y'all niggaz ain't real y'all just talk a lot


If you a killer then kill somethin, you talkin all day
Frontin, killin nuttin, you niggaz is real gay
See me shinin, mad diamonds, now what can I say
I'm a mega star, never thought it'd be this way
Niggaz fightin for the bottom, I feel your pain
I'm at the top and I'm never comin back again
Except for when I come to scoop lil' shorty good brains
Out the hood, you see me in yo' hood don't play
I open up yo' head, and expose yo' brain
It's not a joke or a game, and I ain't tryin
to advance my rap lines, please believe what I say
I'm a Mobb nigga, nigga I do this all day
Hit the weed hit the gas on the Lamb' to skate
See me comin through the club, get out of my way
You don't know me, man get out of my face
'Fore I flip, no shit, you niggaz get sprayed


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