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Artist: Lloyd Banks
Album: Get Rich or Die Tryin' Soundtrack
Song: Born Alone, Die Alone

I came in this world by myself, so I don't need no friends
I'd rather have it this way, it's okay - it's okay
You muh'fuckers gon' re-spect me, cause I can take you off her today
I'd rather have it that way, it's okay - it's okay

[Lloyd Banks]
Uhh - I'm on the prowl with the hammer, hardly smile at the camera
Too many niggaz is dyin, I'm spendin time with my grandma
A hundred grand in the safe's a hundred grand on your face
A million plus in the bank, will scuff in the paint
You handcuffin that bitch, she don't wanna be wit'chu
All she want is your chips, my lil' nigga beat it too
Sneak the heaters through, so we can party good
Grandson of Edith Rue, born out in Hollywood
The Boy Wonder will unravel your team
I'm TRL next to Avril Lavigne, all my karats are green
The buddha is purple, be rude and I hurt you
You're movin in circles, we do it all, movies commercials
Stadiums clubs, ladies and thugs, the hood to the burbs
I'm on the red carpet cause I'm good with my words
I'm ready for war and stackin my chips, you flappin your lips
You niggaz ain't even hood rich


[Lloyd Banks]
Keep your circle official, watch the niggaz that's wit'chu
Outsiders'll get you, hot shit in your tissue
All I need is my figures, I ain't stressin no hoe
Ridin 'round with my niggaz, hand crushin that 'dro
50 made me a star, now they know who we are
Out on top of the charts, your condo is my car
Income is my chain, stashbox is my watch
I'm fairly new in the game, I ain't passin the rock
All I'm sensin is hate, ever since I been straight
Cause they stuck in the hood, hand crumbs on they plate
And I'm strappin the nine, in case they wanna combine
Gather up on a nigga, I ain't rappin no line
Keep your eye on your money, stop eyeballin mine
You drop somethin every year, flop all of the time
Stop makin your records, I ain't answerin shit
Why don't you get off my dick? (Bitch)


It's okay nigga, I don't need no friends
I got money, ha ha ha

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