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Artist: Tony Yayo
Album: Get Rich or Die Tryin' Soundtrack
Song: Fake Love

"My life, my life, my life, my life"

[Tony Yayo]
Yeah.. yeah.. yeah
"My life, my life, my life, my life"

Fake love's when your homey give you dap
Smile in your face but he want yo' ass clapepd
Fake love - fake love's when they never be around
But once you get rich, they all get down
Fake love - fake love's when yo' friend fuck yo' bitch
Don't think with his head, only think with his dick
Fake love - so my friends is enemies and my enemies be friends
Don't show no love, don't pretend

[Verse One]
50 got Yayo gettin all this cash
Now all these yes men wanna kiss my ass
But back in the street you ain't help me re-up
Locked up I had court dates, you never showed up
What the fuck? Tell me what you grinnin at nigga
If I get killed, my stash, you spendin that nigga
Some people want nuttin out of life
And some people want it all, let's ball
I see the jealousy and envy when you see me shoppin
Sapphire watch, got your jaw droppin
When I moved that eighth, you was 7 gram coppin
You ain't happy for me, you hope that the feds watchin
I ain't stoppin, homey I'm #1
While you schemin on me, I played it dumb
So when it comes to the point, that you ready to flip
I'ma pull out first, and let off my clip - take that!


[Verse Two]
Now your man ain't your man if he extort you nigga
And your man ain't your man if he shortin you nigga
Listen money talks, and bullshit run marathons
When your money's gone, that's when them hoes gone
Fake love is when a nigga set you up
How he knew about your chain when your shit was tucked
You know the type to rat you out, sell you out
You get locked, your man ain't gon' bail you out
You got a brand new whip, your shit is lovely
Yeah it's aight - but his rims is ugly
Fake friends, show fake love
You know the type of nigga that'll leave you in the club
Fake love


"My life, my life, my life, my life" {*2X*}

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